Weeks & Habits Kit
Weeks & Habits Kit
Weeks & Habits Kit
Weeks & Habits Kit
Weeks & Habits Kit
Weeks & Habits Kit
Weeks & Habits Kit
Weeks & Habits Kit
Weeks & Habits Kit
Weeks & Habits Kit
Weeks & Habits Kit
Weeks & Habits Kit
Weeks & Habits Kit
Weeks & Habits Kit
Weeks & Habits Kit
Weeks & Habits Kit

Weeks & Habits Kit


The Weeks and Habits Kit is your ultimate productivity companion, combining habit tracking and weekly planning with a handcrafted card stand, a durable metal pencil, and a Pomodoro timer to keep you focused and organized.




➕ Inclusions

Weeks &
Habit Cards




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Week Cards

To complement our task & time cards, the Week cards provide an at-a-glance overview of your key dates, anniversaries, meetings, appointments, and deadlines, ensuring you stay on top of your schedule.

Better weekly organisation
Enhance organisation

Enhanced Organization

Keep track of all important dates and deadlines in one place.

Improved Time Management

Improved Time Management

Plan your week effectively by seeing all your commitments at a glance.

Simplified Planning

Simplified Planning

Easily coordinate meetings and appointments without scheduling conflicts.

Habit Cards

Track and maintain your daily routines effortlessly with our habit tracker cards. These cards help you build and reinforce positive habits, making your goals more achievable.

habit card

What's included

Unlock incredible value with these inclusions. Save 40% and enjoy free shipping, making it the perfect bundle for staying organized and productive!

picture of weeks and habits

Weeks & Habits Cards

📅 Clear Weekly Overview
Track key dates and appointments easily.

✅ Daily Habit Tracking
Maintain and build consistent routines.

✏️ Convenient Size
Easy to carry and reference.

📈 Progress Monitoring
Visualize and improve your habits over time.

Valued at ¥3,800

picture of pomodoro timer

Pomodoro Timer

⏲️ Boost Focus
Timed work sessions increase concentration.

🛑 Break Reminders
Regular intervals for rest and rejuvenation.

🎯 Enhance Productivity
Structured work boosts task completion.

⏱️ Customizable Intervals
Adjustable times to fit your workflow.

Valued at ¥4,300

Card & Pencil Tray

🌳 Handcrafted Elegance
Handcrafted from premium walnut wood.

🗂️ Organized Storage
Holds 2 Cards for easy visibility

✏️ Dual Pencil Slots
Keep your writing tools close to you

🖼️ Stylish Design
Enhances desk aesthetics.

Valued at ¥3,300


✏️ Durable Build
Aluminum body ensures long-lasting use.

🖋️ Smooth Writing
Carbon fiber tip for effortless writing.

🌟 Sustainable Choice
Outlasts 100 traditional pencils.

💼 Elegant Design
Sleek and professional aluminum finish.

Valued at ¥2,500


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Habit Cards?

How do I use Habit Cards? To use Habit Cards, start by writing down the specific habits you want to track on the card. Each card has designated spaces for daily tracking, usually organized by week or month.

Each day, mark the corresponding space on the card when you successfully complete the habit. This could be a checkmark, an 'X', or a colored dot.

The act of marking your progress provides a visual reminder and sense of accomplishment, reinforcing your commitment to the habit.

Over time, this visual tracking helps you identify patterns, stay motivated, and build consistency in your routines. You can also add notes or reflections to track your feelings and adjustments needed for better habit formation.

What materials are the Weekly Cards made from?

The Weekly Cards are made from high-quality 500GSM dutch white card paper that is designed to withstand daily use.

What size are the Weekly Cards?

The Weekly Cards are 10cm x 18cm (3.9in x 7.1in), making them easy to carry around or place on your desk for quick reference. They also fit perfectly in our Card and Pencil Tray!

Is the pencil erasable like regular graphite pencils?

Yes, the handwriting produced by this pencil is erasable, making it versatile and suitable for a variety of applications, such as drawing, writing, note-taking, and more.

How many pens and cards can it hold?

The tray features two pen slots and two slits for holding up to 5 cards per slit. This design allows you to keep a couple of your favourite pens and a to-do list or cards conveniently accessible.

How durable is the Pomodoro Timer, especially if I'm traveling with it?

Designed with a robust build, the Pomodoro Timer is built for durability, making it suitable for both stationary desk setups and on-the-go usage.

What about brightness?

Yes! You can adjust the brightness with high or low depending on how well lit your work environment is.

Can I adjust the sound level of the beeper?

Yes, you can! There is high, low and off.

How do I clean and maintain the tray?

To clean the tray, simply wipe it with a damp cloth and dry immediately. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials to preserve the finish and the quality of the wood.

Can the pencil be used on any type of paper or surface?

The pencil is versatile and can be used on most paper types and surfaces, offering a smooth and consistent writing experience across different mediums.