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Desk PadDesk Pad
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Desk Pad

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Gaming Desk PadGaming Desk Pad
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Gaming Desk Pad

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Coaster Set (5 Piece)Coaster Set (5 Piece)
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Coaster Set (5 Piece)

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Monitor Light BarMonitor Light Bar
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Monitor Light Bar

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Monitor Light BarMonitor Light Bar
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Monitor Light Bar

$89.99 AUD $108.99 AUD
Smart Bulb W3 (Multicolor)Smart Bulb W3 (Multicolor)
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Smart Bulb W3 (Multicolor)

$34.99 AUD $43.99 AUD

The Beginning

Starting our Blog and Facebook Page

4 bored friends started an Instagram page to collate nice desk setups

Building on social

Starting Instagram

We started an Instagram account which also helped build on social following

Instagram Milestone Hit

Reaching 30k on Instagram

A huge moment for us looking back at how far we've come and how many people actually read our articles

On to the Next

Launching on Youtube

We realised we really needed to transition to Youtube to help people further and elevate their desk setup to the next level.

Another Milestone

Hitting 40k on Instagram

Thank you all for your support so far - We've come this far because of you so here we are finally at the launch of our....

Our dream

Product Launch: Desk Mat.

We've put over 200 hours into perfecting every part of this desk mat.