Weeks & Habits Cards
Weeks & Habits Cards
Weeks & Habits Cards
Weeks & Habits Cards
Weeks & Habits Cards
Weeks & Habits Cards
Weeks & Habits Cards
Weeks & Habits Cards
Weeks & Habits Cards
Weeks & Habits Cards
Weeks & Habits Cards
Weeks & Habits Cards
Weeks & Habits Cards
Weeks & Habits Cards

Weeks & Habits Cards


Stay organized and productive for the whole year with Weeks and Habits, a tool for tracking key dates, anniversaries, meetings, appointments, deadlines, and your daily habits.




➕ Inclusions

Includes enough cards to last 1 year.

Weeks Cards
(28 double-sided cards)

Habits Cards
(7 double-sided cards)

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Week Cards

To complement our task & time cards, the Week cards provide an at-a-glance overview of your key dates, anniversaries, meetings, appointments, and deadlines, ensuring you stay on top of your schedule.

Better weekly organisation
Enhance organisation

Enhanced Organization

Keep track of all important dates and deadlines in one place.

Improved Time Management

Improved Time Management

Plan your week effectively by seeing all your commitments at a glance.

Simplified Planning

Simplified Planning

Easily coordinate meetings and appointments without scheduling conflicts.

Get a Quick Overview

View your entire week at a glance, effortlessly keeping track of everything that's important.


Habit Cards

Track and maintain your daily routines effortlessly with our habit tracker cards. These cards help you build and reinforce positive habits, making your goals more achievable.

habit card


Read what our satisfied customers are saying about their experience with our products. Discover how our tools have helped them stay organized, productive, and on top of their schedules.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size are the Weekly Cards?

The Weekly Cards are 10cm x 18cm (3.9in x 7.1in), making them easy to carry around or place on your desk for quick reference. They also fit perfectly in our Card and Pencil Tray!

What materials are the Weekly Cards made from?

The Weekly Cards are made from high-quality 500GSM dutch white card paper that is designed to withstand daily use.

How can the Weekly Card help with time management?

By providing a clear overview of your week, the Weekly Card helps you prioritize tasks, avoid scheduling conflicts, and manage your time more effectively.

How do I use Habit Cards?

How do I use Habit Cards? To use Habit Cards, start by writing down the specific habits you want to track on the card. Each card has designated spaces for daily tracking, usually organized by week or month.

Each day, mark the corresponding space on the card when you successfully complete the habit. This could be a checkmark, an 'X', or a colored dot.

The act of marking your progress provides a visual reminder and sense of accomplishment, reinforcing your commitment to the habit.

Over time, this visual tracking helps you identify patterns, stay motivated, and build consistency in your routines. You can also add notes or reflections to track your feelings and adjustments needed for better habit formation.