Task & Time Kit
Task & Time Kit
Task & Time Kit
Task & Time Kit
Task & Time Kit
Task & Time Kit
Task & Time Kit
Task & Time Kit
Task & Time Kit
Task & Time Kit
Task & Time Kit
Task & Time Kit
Task & Time Kit
Task & Time Kit
Task & Time Kit
Task & Time Kit
Task & Time Kit
Task & Time Kit


Unlock unparalleled focus and productivity with the Minimal To-do System.

Customise your card refills

Walnut Card & Pen Stand
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Carbon Core Pencil
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  • Streamlined Efficiency
    Achieve more by curating and prioritizing tasks
  • Enhanced Focus
    The tangible, physical interface allows for intentional work.
  • Adaptable Productivity
    Tailor your work rhythm using the proven time-blocking method.
  • Physical-Digital Synergy
    Complement your digital tools while removing the clutter and distraction.

Don't let productivity slip away

Leading studies from prestigious universities reveal that multitasking is your brain's worst enemy,causing cognitive overload¹, plummeting efficiency², and sabotaging memory³ consolidation.

Simple, Tangible Efficiency.

An elegant physical to-do list

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Step 1: Write Tasks

Jot down all the tasks you have to do today.

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Step 2: Time block

Highlight all the dedicated time slots in your schedule that you're going to complete your tasks.

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Step 3: Track Tasks

Track your tasks throughout your day to see how you're going. Use our legend system to help you keep track.

Tried-and-true productivity principles



Allocate dedicated time slots for your most important tasks to improve efficiency.



Helps you conquer your to-do list by ensuring you tackle what matters.



Stay in control of your schedule and adapt effortlessly to changes.

Kit Inclusions

The following are items included in the kit.

Task & Time Cards

Enhance your daily workflow with our Task & Time System — a tactile tool for optimizing task management and boosting your productivity.

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A sleek, metal pencil with a durable carbon fiber tip and aluminum body. Outlasts 100 standard pencils, blending sustainability with modern design.

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Card & Pencil Tray

Crafted from solid walnut, this minimalist tray elegantly organizes your pens and to-do cards, enhancing focus and elevating any workspace aesthetic.

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it just gets better

We'll leave our customers to do the talking.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want more information on how the task and time cards are used.

Certainly! We have a full guide located here.

Is the Task & Time system only suitable for work-related tasks, or can I use it for personal tasks as well?

You can absolutely use the Task & Time system for both work and personal tasks. It's a versatile tool that adapts to your needs, helping you achieve your goals, whether they're related to work, home, or other areas of your life.

Does the Task & Time system offer any guidance on time management techniques like the Pomodoro method?

Yes, the Task & Time system is designed to accommodate various time management techniques, including the Pomodoro method. It allows you to assign time blocks to your tasks and use proven strategies to enhance your focus and productivity.

How do I use the pomodoro method with this system?

When you're tracking your day - instead of using numbers to indicate task numbers, you can use pomodoros like p1 to mean pomodoro block 1 or something similar to indicate how many pomodoros you've taken'