Pomodoro Timer
Pomodoro Timer
Pomodoro Timer
Pomodoro Timer
Pomodoro Timer
Pomodoro Timer
Pomodoro Timer
Pomodoro Timer
Pomodoro Timer
Pomodoro Timer
Pomodoro Timer
Pomodoro Timer
Pomodoro Timer
Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro Timer

  • Dual Timer Display Transition
    Smoothly between work and relaxation.
  • User-Friendly Tactile Dial
    Adjust time effortlessly for tailored sessions.
  • Distraction Conqueror
    Focus-enhancing for maximum efficiency.
  • Customizable Sessions
    Tailor your Pomodoro intervals to tasks.
$39.99 AUD


🍅 What is the pomodoro method?

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method that involves breaking work into short, focused intervals (typically 25 minutes), separated by short breaks.

Read our comprehensive guide on the Pomodoro method to maximise your productivity.

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Do you find yourself constantly derailed by frequent distractions during your work sessions?

Using our Pomodoro Timer sets clear work periods, helping you plan your day and stay focused. These set times boost your drive to finish tasks. Plus, regular breaks let you handle distractions and return to work feeling fresh without losing efficiency.

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Why you need a Pomodoro timer


Improved Focus

The Pomodoro Timer trains your brain to concentrate in dedicated blocks of time, increasing overall productivity.


Time Management

By structuring your day into manageable chunks, the Pomodoro Timer enhances efficiency and aids in task estimation.


Eliminates Burnout

With built-in regular breaks, the Pomodoro Timer ensures a healthy work-life balance, maintaining high energy levels and reducing mental fatigue.

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What else?

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Double the productivity with Dual Timer Display

The dual-display Pomodoro Timer is designed with distinct screens for work and rest, helping you seamlessly transition between productivity and relaxation. It provides a clear visual cue to maintain your optimal work-rest balance.

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Easy to Control Tactile Dial

Our Pomodoro Timer features a user-friendly knob, making adjusting time intervals effortless. Its ergonomic design ensures precise control, allowing you to tailor your work sessions to your needs.

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Portable with Batteries or Power thru USB Power.

Our Pomodoro Timer is portable and versatile, offering power options through either batteries or USB. Its compact and flexible design allows you to optimize your productivity wherever you are.

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Versatility through Magnetic Mounting

Equipped with magnets on its back, our Pomodoro Timer conveniently adheres to any metal surface. This feature provides flexibility in positioning, allowing you to keep your timer visible and within reach at all times.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specifications of the Pomodoro Timer?

Product Dimensions:
99 x 81 x 32mm
Powered by:
USB type C or 3 x AAA batteries
Sound Mode:
No Sound, Soft, Loud
Brightness Mode:
High or Low
Max Timer Set Time:
199 minutes, 59 seconds

What is the maximum time interval I can set on the Pomodoro Timer?

The Pomodoro Timer typically allows for a 25-minute work interval, but with its adjustable settings, you can customize it based on your preference. The timer allows you to set up to 199 minutes and 55 seconds.

Can I adjust the sound level of the beeper?

Yes, you can! There is high, low and off.

What about brightness?

Yes! You can adjust the brightness with high or low depending on how well lit your work environment is.

How durable is the Pomodoro Timer, especially if I'm traveling with it?

Designed with a robust build, the Pomodoro Timer is built for durability, making it suitable for both stationary desk setups and on-the-go usage.