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Productivity Starter Kit

Poor time management and multitasking causes cognitive overload, lower productivity and weaker memory consolidation

Productivity Starter Kit
Productivity Starter Kit
Productivity Starter Kit
Productivity Starter Kit
Productivity Starter Kit
Productivity Starter Kit
Productivity Starter Kit
Productivity Starter Kit
Productivity Starter Kit
Productivity Starter Kit
Productivity Starter Kit
Productivity Starter Kit
Productivity Starter Kit
Productivity Starter Kit
Productivity Starter Kit
Productivity Starter Kit
Productivity Starter Kit
Productivity Starter Kit

Productivity Starter Kit

✅ Prioritize your daily tasks
📅 Schedule your time
🚫 Eliminate digital distractions
🔬 Science-backed productivity methods




➕ Inclusions

30 Daily





WnH Thumbnail

Weeks & Habits

Track key dates and daily habits

$20.99 $34.99
💬 Reviews

Vanessa U.

They give me this amazing sense of accomplishment. I feel like I'm really making progress, which keeps me motivated and focused. Plus, they help me prioritise my tasks so I can tackle the most important things first without feeling overwhelmed.


Laura W.

I really like how just having 1 card for the day helps me focus. In the morning, I lay it all out on the front, and I have the back for notes and ideas. At the end of the day I transfer any notes where they need to go and file the card away.


Michael K.

So far it's been an easy process to integrate into my workflow. It's really simple to use and I love using it with the pomodoro timer! There are not a lot of rules on how to use it, making it very flexible. I love it and recommend it!

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Let's see it in action.

Loved by 100,000+, this kit has proven itself as the best productivity upgrade for many people.

Task & Time

An elegant physical to-do list with a time grid.

Image 2

Step 1: Write Tasks

Jot down all the tasks you have to do today and prioritise the important tasks.

Image 3

Step 2: Time block

Highlight all the dedicated time slots in your schedule that you're going to complete your tasks.

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Step 3: Track Tasks

Track your tasks using legends throughout your day to see how you're going.

Why a Pomodoro Timer?


Improved Focus

The Pomodoro Timer trains your brain to concentrate in dedicated blocks of time, increasing overall productivity.


Time Management

By structuring your day into manageable chunks, the Pomodoro Timer enhances efficiency and aids in task estimation.


Eliminates Burnout

With built-in regular breaks, the Pomodoro Timer ensures a healthy work-life balance, maintaining high energy levels and reducing mental fatigue.

What's included

Unlock incredible value with these inclusions. Save 40% and enjoy free shipping, making it the perfect bundle for staying organized and productive!

picture of weeks and habits

Task & Time Cards

🗂️ Effortless Task Organization
Intuitive task management.

📅 Boosted Daily Efficiency
Structured work sessions.

⚖️ Workspace Harmony
Balanced, productive environment.

Precision Time Management
Effective time-blocking.

Valued at $23.99

picture of pomodoro timer

Pomodoro Timer

⏲️ Boost Focus
Timed work sessions increase concentration.

🛑 Break Reminders
Regular intervals for rest and rejuvenation.

🎯 Enhance Productivity
Structured work boosts task completion.

⏱️ Customizable Intervals
Adjustable times to fit your workflow.

Valued at $39.99

Card & Pencil Tray

🌳 Handcrafted Elegance
Handcrafted from premium walnut wood.

🗂️ Organized Storage
Holds 2 Cards for easy visibility

✏️ Dual Pencil Slots
Keep your writing tools close to you

🖼️ Stylish Design
Enhances desk aesthetics.

Valued at $29.99


✏️ Durable Build
Aluminum body ensures long-lasting use.

🖋️ Smooth Writing
Carbon fiber tip for effortless writing.

🌟 Sustainable Choice
Outlasts 100 traditional pencils.

💼 Elegant Design
Sleek and professional aluminum finish.

Valued at $22.49


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Frequently Asked Questions

What size are the Task and Time Cards?

Task and Time Cards are 10cm by 15cm or 3.9in x 5.9in , making them easy to carry and reference throughout the day.

What material is the Task and Time Card made from

Task and Time Cards are made from high-quality, 500GSM Dutch white card paper. We selected the paper very carefully to ensure it can withstand daily use.

I want more information on how the task and time cards are used.

Certainly! We have a full guide located here.

How do I use the pomodoro method with this system?

When you're tracking your day - instead of using numbers to indicate task numbers, you can use pomodoros like p1 to mean pomodoro block 1 or something similar to indicate how many pomodoros you've taken'