Don't worry we have a full guide coming soon, in the mean time here's  a basic explanation what each component is for.

Nylon Cable Ties (150mm)

The classic cable ties everyone knows and loves, essential for keeping your cables tidy.

Hook and Loop Cable Ties

Go above and beyond conventional cable ties, use and reuse it as many times as you like.

Cable Tie Roll (1.5m)

Simply cut this cable tie to the length you require and use and reuse it as many times as you like.

Adhesive Cable Fasteners

Stick me to the bottom or side of your desk.

Cable Sleeve (1m)

Wrap up those unsightly cables into 1 bunch for easier management.

Adhesive Rubber Cable Holders

Stick me to the side or top of your desk to keep your most frequently used cables organises and within reach.

Double Sided Adhesive Squares (20x20mm)

Adhere items such as powerboards or chargers that would usually sit on the ground to under your desk or behind a shelf.

Cork Cable Labels

Tired of not knowing where your cables are routed? Label your cables with these stylish cork cable labels.